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Dan Dalfiume, Corporate Finance & Investment Advisor

Dan has been a trusted leader in corporate finance for the last 20 years. He focuses his expertise within the small and middle market to facilitate leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, recapitalizations and growth capital.

Dan has had an exceptional track record and over the years he has grown a tremendous client base. He has always been involved in growing new clientele business and networking with affluent individuals and small companies. Most recently, Dan has funded several multi-million dollar deals with highly-recognized companies as the President of Genoa Capital Partners.


Dan regards the confidentiality and unique value of his client accounts in highest regard, and is sensitive to communicating in a secured and personalized manner. His tailored solutions and advisory services are meaningful and appreciated by his clients. His consultative approach makes a significant impact in providing efficient and effective solutions for privately-held businesses seeking strategic options, action planning, or innovative borrowing opportunities.

Dan enjoys playing golf, softball, and basketball in his personal time.

Specialties: Finance, Banking, Corporate Turnarounds




Nguyen Consulting is a Costa Mesa, CA consulting firm focused on CFO, controller, and business advisory services. Genoa Capital Partners and their team of CPAs and accountants, partner to provide the financial analysis and oversight small businesses need to thrive.

Together we'll help you optimize profitability by finding ways to cut costs, improve cash flow, tighten internal controls, and minimize risk.

We offer budgeting, metrics tracking and KPIs, strategic business planning, and much more. We deliver all of our CFO and consulting services at a special flat fee rate that allows you to control costs while building value into your business.

Financial Management Consulting

We're committed to fully understanding your business goals in order to help you cut costs, budget more effectively and ultimately see higher profits. We provide crisis management, business turn-around strategies, budgeting and much more.

CFO Services and Business Management

Get the benefits of a working with a CFO that can help you grow your business. We offer a wide variety of business management services designed to show all kinds of businesses how to increase profits.

New Business Advisory

We advise new business owners on how to develop a business plan, how to organize your finances, and which entity you should incorporate in to recognize the highest tax savings. We can also show you how to secure financing for your new venture.


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Our outsourced controller services are affordable for small businesses operating in many different types of industries. We'll analyze your finances and manage cash flow so you can focus on running your business.


Ready to take your midsized business to the next level? Our outsourced CFO services will help you reduce expenses, optimize profits, and budget for future growth.


We understand how the unique dynamics of a family business and know how to coordinate with multiple generations of owners to update accounting processes and overcome financial challenges with management consulting services.


We provide business advisory services for all kinds of new business startups. With our assistance you’ll avoid costly mistakes and make the right choices when setting up your new business.


We offer a free initial consultation to learn about your business.




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